A looooong time ago, in 2010, I was kind-of-forced to upgrade my wonderful SnipSnap wiki to a new one, but the fact is that I never did it... and as a result, I ended up not publishing so much digital content in the web as before. It's time to fix it!

Another important reason to "pause" my wiki at that time, was that it made Googling for me very hard, as the first 50-100-200 search results for "Ademar Aguiar" were links to content from my own wiki... this was due to Google's page ranking being very generous with wiki-based content, something that evolved soon after.

Meanwhile, my teaching materials have been published on FEUP wikis, Moodle instances, Dropbox folders, Google Drive folders, most of the time not publicly available, but only shared with the target audience, the students and colleagues involved in the courses and classes. Research work was disseminated only through the respective project's web pages and publications.

In this new web space, I will try to share a little of my journey through all I did related with software and beyond. I will start unarchiving old content (wiki, pages) and will add new one.

If you look for some specific content I authored that you cannot find anymore anywhere, I should have it, just ask!

Thank you!